The AfriQA Consumer Profile 2018

We have interviewed 1,000 Africans across Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya in the last two months and have asked questions which told us much about their behaviours and attitudes. Please note that we asked multiple choice questions (not exclusive).

This report can help you connect the dots of the life of African consumers in these countries.

Living conditions and other facts

Created with Highstock 5.0.9Life FactsMarried or living with partnerMarried or living with partnerUniversity degreeUniversity degreeI have or expect childrenI have or expect childrenHas travelled to residencyHas travelled to residencyLive near the capital cityLive near the capital cityLive with parentsLive with parentsLive in a dense areaLive in a dense areaSpacious house far from the citySpacious house far from the cityApartment near a big cityApartment near a big

Online consumers tend to be urban, with a university degree. They are family oriented.

About their faith

Religion is a major influence in people's lives with nearly 70% of respondents saying that they practice their religion every day. They also engage others in the same faith as theirs (44%) and of different faith (32%).

Created with Highstock 5.0.9PercentageBelief55121211444432321515676755OtherI believe but don't practice myreligionI believe but don't practice my religionDoesn't practice or engage inreligionDoesn't practice or engage in religionEngage and gather with those whohave the same belief as meEngage and gather with those who have the same belief as meEngage with those who don't havethe same beliefsEngage with those who don't have the same beliefsPractice once or twice a weakPractice my religion every dayPrefer not to

Their access to water

Created with Highstock 5.0.9Water AccessToilets are insideToilets are insideOtherOtherBoreholeBoreholeInside pipe born tapInside pipe born tapOutside WCOutside WCWater access is a streamWater access is a streamNone of these/otherNone of these/otherOutside pipe born tapOutside pipe born tapPit latrinePit

About 60% of respondents have access to water within their home. The remainder still relies on water access outside of their home.

About their work

30% of respondents feel like their job is their career, and 30% of them think that it's only temporary. Nevertheless 41% of them see themselves as self employed. Expect them to have multiple activities.

Created with Highstock 5.0.9PercentageWork1818414177151527272727None of theseSelf EmployedNo changework becauseskills arealways ondemandNo change work because skills are always on demandChange andadapt asdemandchangesChange and adapt as demand changesFT and PT butit's only atemporary jobFT and PT but it's only a temporary jobFT and PT.The job is mycareerFT and PT. The job is my

How they prefer to buy

Created with Highstock 5.0.9PercentageHow I Prefer to Buy223939353516168837375050646414144343None of theseAim for the cheapest dealBrand name and spend for right …Brand name and spend for right productI buy high end productsGet someone to bring me top br…Get someone to bring me top brands from abroadI love buying through my phoneLove shopping onlineI plan ahead for the best dealsBuy generic name as it tends to …Buy generic name as it tends to be cheaperBuy on the spot when I see some…Buy on the spot when I see something I

First and foremost, they plan ahead to get the best deal (64%). They love shopping online (50%). But there are also a fair share of individuals who still buy on the spot (43%) aiming for the cheapest deal (39%). It's fair to say that either online or offline, they keep an eye out for good deals.

Their finances

Many have a current account and/or mobile money. Micro Credits have not been used extensively at this stage, while other investments are considered to some degree (about 20%).

Created with Highstock 5.0.9My FinancesNone of theseNone of theseI have a current accountI have a current accountI have other investmentsI have other investmentsUse micro creditsUse micro creditsUse mobile moneyUse mobile moneyPrefer not to sayPrefer not to

The things they own...

Created with Highstock 5.0.9The Things I OwnDesktopDesktopcable internet connectioncable internet connectionCable TVCable TVTethering connectionTethering connectionPhone connectionPhone connectionWifi connectionWifi connectionHouse HelpHouse HelpDungle connectionDungle connectionLaptopLaptopSmartphoneSmartphoneSolar energy ownershipSolar energy ownershipTabletTabletNone of these/NANone of these/

Respondents are mostly mobile individuals, who seek mobility, and who don't have some of the luxuries such as house helps, cable TV. Only a small fraction has ever used solar energy thus far.

Smoking, drinking, gambling...

A great part of respondents maintain a healthy lifestyle without drinking, smoking, or gambling. However about 20 to 30% of them take part in these activities to some extent.

Created with Highstock 5.0.9Gambling, Drinking, Travelling, Smoking... or NotDoesn't drink alcoholDoesn't drink alcoholDoesn't gambleDoesn't gambleDoesn't smokeDoesn't smokeDrinks more than 3 drinks per weekDrinks more than 3 drinks per weekGambles online or in shopGambles online or in shopPlays sportPlays sportSmokes normal cigarettesSmokes normal cigarettesOccasionally travels abroadOccasionally travels abroadVery rarely travels abroadVery rarely travels abroadSmokes E CigarettesSmokes E CigarettesDrinks less than 3 drinks per weekDrinks less than 3 drinks per weekNone of these answersNone of these answersSmokes CigarsSmokes

How they have fun...

Created with Highstock 5.0.9Fun and EntertainmentInterior DecorationInterior DecorationPlaying sportPlaying sportGardeningGardeningGoing out shoppingGoing out shoppingGoing out to partiesGoing out to partiesHunting and fishingHunting and fishingOtherOtherWatching Sport on TVWatching Sport on TVSocial mediaSocial

Sport is the big winner of entertainment. Online and offline social activities follow closely. A fair amount of them travel as well (57%).

How they use social media

Social media is still used passively to read and follow. However it's worth noting that 20% to 40% of respondents go on to post and sell online.

Created with Highstock 5.0.9PercentageHow Do They Use Social Media6767878772723939232388Interact via WhatsappFollow news on social medaiMore than 200 friends on socialmediaMore than 200 friends on social mediaPosts a lot on social mediaSell online via social

How do they prefer to receive adds

Created with Highstock 5.0.9How Do They Prefer to Receive Adds?

They are very open to all types of media, with a slight preference for Email, TV, Whatsapp and SMS.

Their music preferences

Gospel and religious music are the big winners, followed by Western Hip Hop and Afrobeats.

Created with Highstock 5.0.9PercentageWhat Music Do They Listen To?40402323363675751919141411232331315151AfrobeatOtherWestern ClassicGospel MusicHighlifeHiplifeI don't listen to musicJazzTraditional HighlifeWestern Hip Hop and

We hope that this report has been of interest. You would have clearly seen the strong tendencies of individuals, but also the non typical and niche behaviours. Both types of respondents can we reached through our online research programme.

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